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Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC)

Apply for an MSIC

The MSIC is a nationally consistent identification card for the maritime industry. This Federal Government initiative is to ensure that port security is consistent Australia-wide. The MSIC shows that the holder has met the minimum background checking requirements and is cleared to enter and work in maritime security zones of our ports, ships and offshore oil and gas facilities.

An MSIC is not an access card, and possession of an MSIC does not provide the right of entry to a maritime security zone. Entry to maritime secure zones is managed by the Maritime Industry Participant (MIP), or facility operator. If you require unescorted access to the maritime secure zones within the Dampier Port Authority (DPA) you will first need to hold a valid MSIC. You will also need to comply with DPA access requirements.  To obtain an MSIC you must apply for your MSIC through an approved issuing body. DPA is such an authorised agency.

The MSIC Awareness Program

To apply for an MSIC card it is necessary to complete the MSIC Awareness Program first. Upon successful completion of this program you will then be directed to complete the online MSIC application. This will be automatically submitted to the DPA MSIC Office where it will be held for a period of 60 days to enable you complete the application process listed below.

To apply for an MSIC at the DPA applicants are required to:

  • Complete the MSIC Awareness Training Program.
  • Complete the MSIC application form at the end of the Training program.
  • Obtain all relevant identification documents + operational need letter from your employer.
  • Make an appointment with the DPA MSIC Office and attend in person to present the relevant documentation and have your photo taken.
  • Make payment, or provide a company purchase order for payment at the appointment.


NB:The MSIC application wizard has been built to work with the following browsers and mobile operating systems:

  1. Chrome 25+
  2. Firefox 19+
  3. IE 9+
  4. Safari Apple iPad running iOS 5+
  5. Android Browser 4.2+

Other browsers may work but are unsupported and untested. If you are unable to complete the application online then a hard copy application may be obtained from the DPA MSIC office.